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DPI Print Gig Harbor Washington

DPI Print Gig Harbor Washington DPI Print is your local one stop resource for printing, graphic design and promotional products. Located in Gig Harbor, WA at 775 Soundview Drive #102e, we serve the South Sound / Peninsula area.

Since 2003, we offer full color digital printing, wide format & banner printing, graphic design services and over 800,000 promotional products to put your logo on.

We look forward to providing you with the best printing, products and services available.

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How To Create a Zipped Folder/File

How To Create a Zipped Folder/File
Learn how to create a zip file or zip folder. These are also called compressed folders or directories. Zip files are folders or files that have been compressed to save space, usually in an effort to make emailing or downloading the files a quicker process.

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Freddie & Eve Get Married – The love story behind the stickers

Freddie & Eve Get Married – The love story behind the stickers
Apart for nearly 5 years, Ivan and Jelena have spent more time talking to each other on Viber than in real life. They stayed in touch with help of their sticker alter-egos, Freddie and Eve.
Because the characters played such a symbolic part in their relationship, Ivan contacted to Viber to see if we could make a “Freddie and Eve Get Married” sticker pack, especially for Jelena.
Here’s what happens when Jelena finds out about the surprise…
Download the sticker pack NOW, exclusively on Viber:

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0813 2158 6000 (Telkomsel), Jual Stiker Mobil, Cutting Stiker Mobil, Modifikasi Stiker Mobil.

0813 2158 6000 (Telkomsel), Jual Stiker Mobil, Cutting Stiker Mobil, Modifikasi Stiker Mobil.
Cutting Sticker Mobil Bandung, Cutting Sticker Mobil Sedan, Cutting Stiker Mobil Pick up, Design Cutting Sticker Mobil, Jual Cutting Stiker Mobil, Motif Cutting Stiker Mobil, Pasang Cutting Stiker Mobil, Modif Cuting Stiker Mobil, Harga Stiker Mobil Avanza, Stiker Mobil Avanza.

Gun2 Stiker merupakan Penyedia jasa Stiker Mobil yang
berpangalaman selama bertahun-tahun.

Kami melayani pembuatan serta jasa-jasa diantaranya :
1. Branding Mobil
2. Stiker Mobil Modifikasi
3. Wrapping Stiker Mobil
4. Printing Sticker Mobil dan Printing Banner
5. Wall Sticker
6. Sticker Sandblast
7. Pemasangan Kaca Film
8. One Way Sticker

Workshop Kami berada di :
1. Jl. Ahmad Yani 782 (depan POLSEK Cibeunying Kidul) Bandung
2. Jl. Gunung Batu 41, depan planet ban Bandung
3. Jl. Pagarsih Bandung

Untuk pertanyaan dan konfirmasi silahkan hubungi
Pusat Stiker Mobil :
0858 7133 6000 (Indosat)
0813 2158 6000 (Telkomsel)
5A8C 8CA0 (Pin BB)

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Windows 10 Tutorial for Beginners 23 Custom

Windows 10 Tutorial for Beginners 23 Custom
Learn all the essential features of Windows 10. This comprehensive course covers everything you need to know to install Windows, customize it to your liking, and start working with files and applications. Author Nick Brazzi shows how to manage folders, use Cortana to search and navigate, browse the web with the new Microsoft Edge browser, and work with Mail, Calendars, and People (aka contacts).

Plus, learn about sharing via a home network, multiuser configurations, security and privacy, and troubleshooting Windows.

Topics include:

-Installing or upgrading to Windows 10
-Connecting to the Internet
-Launching, quitting, and managing applications
-Creating, copying, moving, and renaming files and folders
-Zipping and unzipping files
-Using Cortana to search
-Browsing the web with Edge
-Sending email
-Installing new apps
-Sharing files over home networks
-Backing up and restoring files
-Configuring Windows updates
-Using Windows Defender

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THANK YOU! Free eveRide Stickers for all My Awesome Subscribers! :) o#o

THANK YOU! Free eveRide Stickers for all My Awesome Subscribers! :) o#o
Our goal is to give free eveRide stickers to 2000+ people! EVERY VIEWER SHOULD GET A STICKER! Come on, what’s holding you back? If you’re watching this video, you should get a sticker! It’s a way for you to support the channel and get free goodies without paying a cent!

I’m really sorry for to the internationaltubers, we’re working on something to get some stickers to you guys, too!

Love Adventure? Subscribe to eveRide ADV for new adventures every Saturday! is the new hub of Dual Sport, ADV, and Enduro motorcycling. Join the eveRide community’s positive vibe, tailor made for new and experienced riders. See more videos, pictures, ride reports, gear reviews, deals, and more!

Get to know our awesome, positive, inclusive community! See bonus footage, meet moto buddies, and get enduro tips!

Favorite to support the FREE creation of more ADV, Enduro, and Dual Sport videos by using the partner links to shop online! Or simply click the links below and shop like normal: (Rocky Mountain ATV MC)

See a video of my recommended riding gear!
See a video of every mod on my DRZ 400!

The following gear has withstood the crucible of enduro and ADV motorcycling while maintaining excellent value-for-money. The links below feature products from many different retailers, and are the lowest prices we could find. Using these links supports more free content on the eveRide channel.

+AFX FX 39 Dual Sport Helmet 0
+Fox Titan CLONE Body Armor
+Decade Armored Gauntlet Gloves
+Over-the-knee Articulating Shin Guards
+Oneal MX Boots 0

+Helmet Camera – Sony as100v
+Sena SMH10 In-helmet Bluetooth Communicators
+In-helmet Motovlogging Mic
+RAM X Grip Phone Holder

+18w LED Flood/Spot Light Bar
+Trailtech X2 Universal Halogen Headlight 0
+LED Flush-mount Blinkers
+Dual Sport Kit

+Seat Concepts Comfort Seat 0
+Sheepskin Seat Cover
+Progrip 714 Grips
+Cramp Buster Throttle Assist
+Trackside Heated Grips

+Green Chile Modular Luggage System (use coupon code everide)
+Nomad Rider Tank Bag
+Nomad Rider Massive Bag
+Tusk Rear Fender Tool Bag
+Tusk Front Fender Tool Bag with Tire Spoons
+Tactical MOLLE Backpack

+JB Weld Steel Stik
+Slime Tire Inflator
+12v Adapter
+First Aid Kit
+Ride On Tire Sealant & Balancer

+Dual Fuel Camp Stove
+Anker USB Solar Charger
+Anker USB Battery
+SOG Multitool
+Gerber LMF 2 Survival Knife
+Sawyer Mini Filtration System

+Kenda K760 Trakmaster 20% Road – 80% Dirt Dual Sport Tire
+Kenda K270 50% Road – 50% Dirt Dual Sport Tire
+Shinko 705 80% Road – 20% Dirt Dual Sport Tire

+Trackside Handguards
+Devol Skidplate

+IRC Heavy Duty Tubes
+Spare Metric Bolts http://everide/org/buy/tusksparebolts
+Tusk Brake Lever
+Tusk Clutch Lever

+ADVAddicts Apparel
+Desert Riding Cooling Vest
+Battle Born Pants
+Battle Born Jacket
+ARC Padded Shorts

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