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“ITS FREE TO USE” Advert Design Tool

“ITS FREE TO USE” Advert Design Tool
For the first time for Android users, you will have access to a powerful app that allows you to create, design and customize all your adverts and ideas; and it’s easy to use, affordable and reliable.
It is of utmost importance to give the user more power and control to carry out their marketing campaign, removing the need for expensive designers.

We provide you with the ability to create and market your adverts wherever you are and with whatever device you are using. From: a simple smart phone; tablet or computer, therefore saving both time and money.

We have a number of royalty free templates to use as well as images and a number of different fonts, removing the need for you to purchase more, therefore saving you an additional spend.

The Jellybean Advertising tool allows users to create everything from:

– Social Media Adverts,

– Mobile Phone Adverts,

– Marketing Posters,

– Office Stationery Adverts,

– Shop Signage

– Outdoor Marketing Adverts

– Vehicle and Transportation Adverts

and much more using the same format as the professionals.

In addition, we provide some easy-to-use templates for designing banners, posters, signage and outdoor marketing campaigns, which can be further customised.

The features of our banner tool include upload and edit (scale, layer, rotate, flip flop, move and delete) your image, add, layer and edit text, change text formats, add clip-arts, select background and more. You can create slide show banners as well as website banners using our tool.

To be in synergy with the changing demographics of the global marketing trends, we offer a fully comprehensive social media marketing ability to all our users to upload the designs directly on to their Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Bing etc.) accounts. As our tool is also mobile responsive, all images can be used to market via Whatsapp, Linkedin and much, much more.

Other services we offer:

Jellybean Advertising offers a wide range of additional marketing and advertising services including creative strategic, banner designing, website designing, outdoor advertising, media planning, social media, digital marketing, graphic designing, media services, posters, signage, and printing.

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sublimation printing sportswear marathon vests panel by GOGOPRESS Series 121069

sublimation printing sportswear marathon vests panel by GOGOPRESS Series 121069 provide digital sublimation printing sportswear running vest training vests, sublimation sports jersey, sublimation banner, promotion banner, marathon vests, without minimum, one images in one vest, fast production with hong kong quality,
we choice high quality Gogopress Rotary Heat Press GP series for transfer printing need, free door to door delivery service from hong kong by air post,

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BIG Etsy Sticker Haul | Christmas Planner Stickers!

BIG Etsy Sticker Haul | Christmas Planner Stickers!
Hi there fellow planner addicts! Today I’m sharing with you a HUGE holiday etsy sticker haul! I’m featuring the following shops: Peacefulmind Design, The Sticky Cactus, Hello Petite Paper, The Sticky Station & Djoisch Design! I hope you all really enjoy this video – make sure to give it a thumbs up & SUBSCRIBE to my channel for lots more videos!


Peacefulmind Design

The Sticky Cactus

Hello Petite Paper


The Sticky Station

Djoisch Design


If you’re interested in buying the planner (or other things from EC) make sure you use my link to get off your first order!:


Also, watch in 720p HD for best quality! :)

▪ FACEBOOK: Emma Sage – Like my page!

▪ INSTAGRAM: @emmasage95 — Follow me!

▪ TWITTER: @emmasage95 — Let’s tweet together!

▪ PINTEREST: @emmasageh95 — I have fun boards and love to pin cool things!

For business or personal, feel free to email me:

Filmed with: Samsung HMX-F80 HD
Edited with: iMovie

This video is not sponsored. I bought all products with my own money. All opinions are my own and honest, as always.

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Shopkins Stickers Pack Opening DIY Put Them In The Album | PSToyReviews

Shopkins Stickers Pack Opening DIY Put Them In The Album | PSToyReviews
Hi, Paul and Shannon here and we love to open and collect all kinds of toys. Let’s open more Shopkins Stickers packs and put them in the album.

Make sure to subscribe so you don’t miss out on any of our new videos.

Follow us on our other social media sites to keep up to date with all that is happening with PSToyReviews:

Check out our new Play-Doh Egg opening channel featuring Drew.

Here are some of our videos you may enjoy:

Shopkins Palooza Round 1  –
Shopkins Blind Basket Full Box Opening –
Shopkins & Spongebob Hidden Treasure –
Simpsons Lego Minifigures –
MLP LPS Hello Kitty Lego Blind Bag Opening –
Shopkins Bath Bombs –
Trash Pack Halloween Gross Ghosts –
Shopkins Palooza Round 2 –
Trash Pack Junk Germs –
How to draw Shopkins Cheeky Chocolate –

You can send mail to us at:

Paul & Shannon
PO Box 171
Wake Forest, NC  27588

Make sure to have your parent’s permission if you are under the age of 18.

For business inquiries please e-mail:
paulandshannonstoyreviews @

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Download YGOPro v11 Update (Kozmo / Majespecter / Psy-Frame) for Smartphones, Tablets Android

Download YGOPro v11 Update (Kozmo / Majespecter / Psy-Frame) for Smartphones, Tablets Android
Download YGOPro v11 Update (Kozmo / Majespecter / Psy-Frame) November 2015 Banlist for Smartphones, Tablets and Notes Android
@@ MOD Features YGOPro v11 November 2015 Banlist UPDATE:
1- New AI Decks = Kozmo and MaskedHero
2- Update all Monarch, Kozmo and anothers no pic art cards fixed
3- New Cards = Breakers of Shadow OCG, Structure Deck R: Advent of the Legendary Monarch, Deskbot meta, Destruction Sword meta, Dinomist meta, Majespecter meta, Performapal cards, new Superheavy Samurai cards, D/D/D and D/D new cards, new Kozmo meta, Super Quantum meta, The Phantom Knights meta,

4- New 2015 Decks for play at ygopro/decks

This is a MOD version of Official Ygopro for Android v1.4.8
Download Link:!pI8wiIyb!rhASY32GzVGpRMUHMb5hUj1D331jIeJ_YMqqKcFbmHQ

Mirror = Uploading Soon


@@ Installation Guide:

PAYATENTION before to install this new version:
Uninstall previous version and delete full Data file folder at Androidobbco.ygopro.ygoproandroid

1) Unzip Ygopro.Proxysx.v11.Banlist.Nov2015.rar file
2) Unzip co.ygopro.ygoproandroid.rar Data Pics cards
3) Copy and paste co.ygopro.ygoproandroid Data folder in Androidobb
4) Install apk Ygopro.Proxysx.v11.apk
5) Run APK and Play :D

@@ Install new decks for play and new custom background

1) Unzip ygopro folder
2) Paste ygopro folder in internal storage memory
3)You can copy deck and replay files to and from your Android device.
Deck .ydk and Background .jpg files can be found in this location.
SD root/ygopro/deck
SD root/ygopro/textures
4) change background: paste new background with name bg.jpg or rename the background that u wanna for bg.jpg inside /ygopro/textures folder


THERE are 4 files .obb inside co.ygopro.ygoproandroid folder:
follow this source = Androidobbco.ygopro.ygoproandroid
Unzip Data folder, join inside unziped folder and copy co.ygopro.ygoproandroid
u will have 2 co.ygopro.ygoproandroid folders, u must copy inside co.ygopro.ygoproandroid folder (if u have it = Androidobbco.ygopro.ygoproandroidco.ygopro.ygoproandroid pics dont will works)
Doubts?? try this install video step by step guide (jump for 1:10 video time) =


System requirements:
Android 3.2 or newer/above

by – Grupo Proxysx Crew Brazil

= More Mods and Videos at

MOD of YGO Pro Official Website =
development of Ygopro Percy

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0858 7133 6000 (Indosat), Stiker Cutting, Mobil Cutting Stiker, Stiker di Mobil.

0858 7133 6000 (Indosat), Stiker Cutting, Mobil Cutting Stiker, Stiker di Mobil.
Cutting Sticker Mobil Online, Cutting Stiker Mobil, Desain Cutting Sticker Mobil, Jasa Cutting Stiker Mobil, Modifikasi Cutting Stiker Mobil, Toko Cutting Sticker Mobil, Jual Stiker Wrap Mobil, Modifikasi Stiker Mobil Yaris, Agen Stiker Mobil, Alamat Toko Stiker Mobil

Gun2 Stiker merupakan Penyedia jasa Stiker Mobil yang
berpangalaman selama bertahun-tahun.

Kami melayani pembuatan serta jasa-jasa diantaranya :
1. Branding Mobil
2. Stiker Mobil Modifikasi
3. Wrapping Stiker Mobil
4. Printing Sticker Mobil dan Printing Banner
5. Wall Sticker
6. Sticker Sandblast
7. Pemasangan Kaca Film
8. One Way Sticker

Workshop Kami berada di :
1. Jl. Ahmad Yani 782 (depan POLSEK Cibeunying Kidul) Bandung
2. Jl. Gunung Batu 41, depan planet ban Bandung
3. Jl. Pagarsih Bandung

Untuk pertanyaan dan konfirmasi silahkan hubungi
Pusat Stiker Mobil :
0858 7133 6000 (Indosat)
0813 2158 6000 (Telkomsel)
5A8C 8CA0 (Pin BB)

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