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How to Create a Custom Toolbar on the Windows 7 Taskbar by Britec

How to Create a Custom Toolbar on the Windows 7 Taskbar by Britec
How to Create a Custom Toolbar on the Windows 7 Taskbar by

Windows 7 makes it easy for you to personalize your computer by offering a variety of options for customizing the new taskbar. One of the ways you can make your Windows workspace truly unique is by creating a custom toolbar for the taskbar. You can use any of the folders on your computer to create custom toolbars to add to the Windows 7 taskbar.

The taskbar is your entry to the most commonly used programs in Windows. By creating your very own personalized toolbar for the taskbar, you can make it your shortcut to your favorite folders as well.

System Tools, Multimedia, Security, Utilities.

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China best cheap banner printing machine with large format for sale price in India manufacturer

China best cheap banner printing machine with large format for sale price in India manufacturer

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How to create your very own Technic launcher modpack for Minecraft [All Versions]

How to create your very own Technic launcher modpack for Minecraft [All Versions] I will show you how to create your very own modpack for the Technic launcher for Minecraft 1.7+. I will try to cover a few issues that people have when making a modpack too! (check the possible fixes section of the description)

——————-SECTION 1————————————–
Links and references:
– Technic website —
– Download Technic launcher —
– WinRAR —
– Dropbox —
– Dropbox Enable Public Folder —
– Try Copy if Dropbox doesn’t work for you –
– Google Chrome —
– Forge Downloads —
– Optfifine Mod —
– Adblock —
– Missed any? Request a link in the description if I did!
——————-SECTION 1————————————–

——————-SECTION 2————————————–
Possible fixes:
Question: When I open my modpack, Minecraft opens for a split second then closes, then the launcher shows up again?
1. That is because you selected the wrong Minecraft version when making the modpack at Edit your modpack at and change your Minecraft version to the same version as Forge that is in the bin folder of your modpack. That should work!
2. This error will also occur when some mods aren’t compatible with eachother. This is the launcher’s way of resolving a crash in the game. You may also have the wrong Minecraft forge version.
3. Quote from a YouTuber called ‘Mojang PVP Plays’ from comment section:
“By the way guys if you try to put outdated mods like 1.6.4 mods in the 1.7.2 forge thats why it will crash to. DO NOT USE 1.6.4 mods if you downloaded 1.7.2 forge!
Thanks for the vid btw it worked! :D”

Question: Minecraft had no mods, its vanilla! Why?
Answer: That is because you may of named your files incorrectly. make sure that your Minecraft Forge in your bin folder is called “modpack” and make sure it is a .jar file. Also make sure that your modpack is a zip file and is called “modpack” (the file containing all the content).

Question: I get a black screen?
Answer: Increase the amount of dedicated RAM for Minecraft (there are plenty of tutorials on YouTube). Once done, you may get a short black screen on startup then it should load without a black screen. Problems for permanent black screens are; You may have an incompatible graphics card. Or you may have outdated drivers.

Question: I have no “Public” folder?
Answer: Actually, you don’t need a public folder anymore! I have tested outside my public folder and you no longer need it! If you have the outside the public folder, instead of pressing “Share public link” on just press “share link” then right click the “Download” button and press “Copy link address” and do the rest!
If you still can’t get a public folder use a different service other than Dropbox (like

Please, please stop saying that you need pro for Dropbox. I am aware now! When I made the video, my Dropbox account was made before this “Pro” stuff for Dropbox and so I got the public folder free. I had no idea about the pro version of Dropbox. Sorry… ):
But you don’t need Dropbox. You can use a different service that offer similar cloud storage. If you know a service that works with the modpack reply to this comment for people to see and I may also make a link to all the services that work with making modpacks with the replies. (:

Question: Which Minecraft Forge version do I download on the website?
Answer: The “Universal” version. This is designed for modpacks and may also cause things like the launcher popping up again and issues arising and vanilla Minecraft. Make sure you downloaded the Universal one.


——————-SECTION 3————————————–

Hope you found the tutorial helpful! If you have any problems, please ask me down below in the comments and I will try to help you. Make sure you have checked the possible fixes section before asking. Chances are, I may not know… ;P
——————–SECTION 3————————————–


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Candy Packaging Supplies in Variety of Sizes, Colors and Designs

Candy Packaging Supplies in Variety of Sizes, Colors and Designs Our economical candy gift boxes make an excellent choice for commercial candy makers or distributors. We offer candy boxes with and without windows, truffle boxes, plus candy trays and pads that add additional protection and a professional touch. From small 1/16 lb truffle candy packaging boxes to large 2 lb Easter egg candy packaging boxes, you’ll find just what you need at

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TOME Buttons & Stickers + Banzai Arcade @ Fanime

TOME Buttons & Stickers + Banzai Arcade @ Fanime
There’s all-new TOME Merchandise now available from our friends at Level Up Studios!

A sticker sheet with character sprite artwork ripped directly from the show!

A button set adorned with the pixelated faces of our heroes!

We’ve also briefly re-opened our TOME Season 2 crowdfunding campaign up until the end of May, for new fans who’d like to donate for a background character cameo! More info here:

Lastly, I’ll be at FanimeCon this weekend in San Jose, CA! Be sure to visit Mike Luckas in the Artist Alley and Martin Billany in the Dealer’s Hall. I’ll also be a special guest on Weston Durant’s “Banzai Arcade” panel on Sunday night from 9 to midnight! Hope we’ll see you there!

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How to Make Custom Sounds in Minecraft 1.8.1

How to Make Custom Sounds in Minecraft 1.8.1
Here we’ve got the default bow sound. Let’s change that.

Download Audacity Here:

Download Notepad++ Here:

Text to create the pack.mcmeta:

“pack”: {
“pack_format”: 1,
“description”: “My Resource Pack”

First open your .minecraft folder. You can find it by searching for %appdata% then pressing enter. Open the .Minecraft folder. Then open the resourcepacks folder. Alternatively, there’s an Open Resource pack folder button in the resource pack menu.

Start by making a new folder and name it. This is the name of your resource pack. Open it and create a new folder called assets. Then open that and create a new folder called minecraft. Make sure these are lowercase.

Now get the sound file for the sound you’d like to add.
We need to figure out where this file should go, and what it’s name should be. In your .minecraft folder, open the assets folder. Then open the indexes folder.

Open the .json file that matches your minecraft version, with a text editor. I recommend Notepad++ because it’s free and will format the document correctly. Download link in the description. Ctrl+F to search for the word bow in the document. Here you can see the folder names for where the bow sound is located. Remember these. You’ll also see the name of the sound file is bow.ogg. These will be different if you’re editing a different sound.

Go back into your resource pack folder, then assets, then minecraft. Now create folders to match the directory you found in the .json file. For my bow sound, it’s sounds, then random.

Now we need to convert our sound file to .ogg. Open up some audio editing software. I recommend Audacity because it’s free and easy to use. Download link in the description.

Drag the sound file into Audacity, check that the file plays correctly. Now click file, then export, to export the sound with a new format. Change the save as type to be Ogg Vorbis Files then name it to match the file found in the .json document. Drag the new sound into your resource pack.

Go back to your resource pack and open the folder.
In the same place as your assets folder create a new text document. Open it and paste in the following text. Which you can find in the video description. Change My Resource Pack to a description of your resource pack. Click Save As, and change the save as type to all files. Name the file pack.mcmeta and click save. You can now delete the text file, but keep the new pack.mcmeta.

You’re all done! Activate your resource pack in the Minecraft menu. Enjoy your awesome new sound effect.

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