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Heey galera! Tranquilidade? Mais um video para o canal, sejam todos bem vindos. Nesse video estou trazendo a NOVA LAUNCHER PRIME 4.1.0 ATUALIZADA 2015 / 2016 COM NOTIFICAÇÕES NOS APLICATIVOS E PODENDO OCULTAR APPS TAMBÉM! Um mini tutorial de personalizão de android, muito fácil de você tá usando e abusando del aí flw? Rsrs, espero que gostem! Vlwww!

Link 1 Nova Launcher Prime Atualizda:!V8UxXAqR!EELf47h5rn0Sb2Vm3H5XVvd5WMrWf-NQiyxv37PYTFw

Link 2 Nova Launcher Prime Atualizada:


Nova Launcher Prime 2015
Launcher Prime 2016
Scrolling style, choose between horizontal
paginated or vertical continuous
Scroll Effects
Enjoy eye candy when scrolling your desktop
and drawer. Effects include Cube and
Cardstack and more for Prime users.
Infinite Scroll
Never be far from your favorite page, loop
through your desktop continuously.
Folder Icons
You can chose a background, preview style or
even replace the whole icon.
Export your settings and layout before a wipe
to quickly get back up and running.
Widgets in dock
Add any 1×1 widget to the dock
Widget Overlapping
Overlap on resize or placement, long-press
to send to back or bring to front
Bulk Add
Add multiple apps to the desktop or a folder
at once
Activities shortcut
Select hidden activities from your favorite
Import Layout
Import your desktop layout from the default
launcher or another replacement launcher.
*Nova Launcher Prime Features (Paid
Nova Launcher Prime unlocks the following
features in Nova Launcher:
Drawer Groups:
Folders in App Drawer
Unlimited custom tabs
Organize apps into tabs and folders in the
app drawer
Quickly start Nova Actions or Apps from
gestures on the desktop, such as pinching,
swiping or two-finger swiping.
Hide Apps
Keep a clutter free drawer by hidding never
used apps.
Dock Swipes
Get more use out of your dock apps by
setting swipe-actions
Unread Counts
Never miss an email. Unread count badges
for SMS, Missed calls, Gmail, Email, Google
Voice and more. Counts show in the dock,
desktop, drawer and folders.
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How to Remove Bumper Stickers

How to Remove Bumper Stickers
How to Remove Bumper Stickers. Part of the series: Car Maintenance. Removing bumper stickers is as simple as buying a good can of label and sticker remover to break down the glue. Remember to wash down a bumper with a water-based cleaner after removing a sticker with help from a certified master mechanic in this free video on car maintenance. Read more:

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Touchcloud is a new physical user interface for cloud-stored information. More specifically, Touchcloud allows users to tag their Dropbox folders and files to custom-made NFC stickers, which they can place anywhere in their environment. The system itself is composed by both a mobile and computer application, and a series of color-coded, 34mm NFC stickers. Ultimately, Touchcloud aims at providing users with a fast, easy, and convenient way for them to access and share their cloud data.

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Uniforms Master provide custom made Hotel uniforms from 13-03056

Uniforms Master provide custom made Hotel uniforms from 13-03056 provide custom made hotel uniform, working uniform, school uniform, enterprise uniform, and promotion uniform, and digital sublimation printing sportswear running vest training vests, sublimation sports jersey, sublimation banner, promotion banner, marathon vests, without minimum, one images in one vest, fast production with Hong Kong quality with manufacture price,
we choice high quality Gogopress Rotary Heat Press GP series for transfer printing need, free door to door delivery with Hong Kong Quality control by air speedpost,

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3DS HomeBrew Launcher Mod feature oversight

3DS HomeBrew Launcher Mod feature oversight
Get Here –

Download here: /

Feature list:
– Multiple configurable folders, change with L/R
– Favorites: access with X, add/remove with SELECT
– Disable/enable region free entry (configurable, toogle with hold DuP+R)
– Alphabetical sorting (by folder/filename, not tile in smdh file). Case sensitiveness configurable. Mix stray 3dsx configurable.
– Option to remember last folder and last entry launched (toogle with hold Dup + L). A very little
is shown at the bottomleft of the top screen.
– Custom themes (defined in themes.xml)

The quot;remember menuquot; feature is not shown on this video since it is made on citra and we cant boot hombrew there from hbl.

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[NEW] How to Change Music Disc Songs in Minecraft [1.8.X]+

[NEW] How to Change Music Disc Songs in Minecraft [1.8.X]+
Watch in HD. It helps a lot!!!

Click here to download a pre-created layout for a resource pack

1. Create a folder named “assets” on your desktop
2. Open “assets” and create a folder inside of it called “minecraft”
3. Open “minecraft” and create a folder inside of it called “sounds”
4. Open “sounds” and create folders inside of it called “records” and “music”
5. Music added to “records will replace music discs, and music added to “music” will replace in game music that will play randomly during gameplay
6. Click here and download this, or go back to your desktop and create a new text document, and paste the following starting with the first bracket and ending with the last bracket into the document
“pack”: {
“pack_format”: 1,
“description”: “Custom Music Pack”
7. Save the text document as “pack.mcmeta” under “All Files”, NOT as “Text Documents (*.txt)” (skip this if you used my link)
8. Open
9. Choose your music and upload it
10. Download your file and place it in the “records” folder
11. Rename the music to 11, 13, blocks, cat, chirp, far, mall, mellohi, stal, strad, wait, or ward
-If you want to change the in game music add the file to the music folder and name it calm1, calm2, calm3, hal1, hal2, hal3, hal4, nuance1, nuance2, piano1, piano2, or piano3
12. Use WinRAR to add your Resource Pack to a ZIP archive. So the archive should contain the assets folder and pack.mcmeta
Click here to go to the WinRAR download page
13. Type %appdata% in your search bar found by clicking the Windows icon
14. Open the folder named “.minecraft”
15. Open the “resourcepacks” folder and place yous resource pack in it
16. Open Minecraft 1.7.2+
17. Hit Esc, Options, Resource Packs, Add your Pack
18. Hit “Done” and close pause menu
19. Get the music disc you altered
20. Place it in a Jukebox and enjoy!

Click here to visit Matthew Pablo’s website and download the music

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