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How to use Custom Music on WWE ’12 [Tutorial]

How to use Custom Music on WWE ’12 [Tutorial] This video will teach you how to use custom theme songs on WWE 12.

All you need is Computer, Internet, Blank CD, Xbox 360 & WWE 12. Oh BTW, the disc cannot be an MP3 disc with Folders. It has to be a regular audio disc.


If there is a theme song you are looking for, i usually do this for example:
If im looking for Batista’s old theme song, ill type – “Batista old theme song Media fire”

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Tum Jahan Jahan Hum Wahan Wahan – Kishore Kumar, Asha – APNA HAATH JAGANNATH – Kishore Kumar

Tum Jahan Jahan Hum Wahan Wahan – Kishore Kumar, Asha – APNA HAATH JAGANNATH – Kishore Kumar
APNA HAATH JAGANNATH” is a highly entertaining satire on this “anti manual – labour bias” amongst the middle classes.
Dhani Ram, a man once rich and aristocratic but now fallen in evil days, has an aversion to manual work, which he thinks is menial. He wishfully foresees for his son Madan, Who is about to graduate, a bright future in Government service – which he thinks is the only possible & honourable career for the scion of a once- wealthy family.
By the time Madan graduates , however , the world of his father’s dreams has already tumbled and not getting any office job, Madan is ultimately reduced to considering manual labour as a possible solution to his unemployment problem.
This, when discovered is a below not only to Madan’s parents but also to the family into which Madan’s sister is married, and to the equally stick -in – the – mud father of the girl Madan is in love with. They all disown him completely and Madan is left alone in the world to fend for himself as best he can.But he is so convinced of the dignity of manual labour and revels so much in working with his own hand that he eventually builds up a vast laundry and printing business in which, by a curious irony of fate, his own father is compelled to take up manual work. Several highly dramatic incidents now take place which eventually open the eyes of Madan’s father to the beauty and dignity of manual labour. The family is happily reunited and Madan is able, in the punch- packed climax, to get back the girl he once loved.

Director:Mohan Seghal
Music:S. D. Burman
Main Cast:Kishore Kumar, Sayeeda Khan, Nasir Hussain, Jagdev, Nand Kishore, Rashid Khan, V. Gopal, Leela Chitnis
Banner:De Luxe Films

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The cover says it all: OMG check out these cute stickers! There are over 700 stickers in this book, including alphabet stickers, to-do, appointment and date reminders, blank labels, to/from stickers for gifts, lots of fun illustrations, colorful icons and fun words, the secret code, and tons more! Get them now at Blitsy:

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Hey guys , if im correct you like alot others have a problem , again with the right analog stick in fifa, well no worries here comes a quick and easy fix for you :)

1. Download these custom made gamepad mappnigs

2. there are 2 files in 2 different folders , place the first one in ur fifa gamefolder and replace the old one ButtonData.ini the other one goes into ur documents fifa folder ButtonDataSetup.ini

3. Now run regedit windows logo+r or if older pc start , run

4. find ur gamepad System , CurrentControlSet , Control , MediaProperties , PrivateProperties , Joystick, OEM , then ur joystick name usualy called VID_somthingPID_somthing , find OEMName

5. Click OEMName and change the Data To Logitech Rumblepad 2 USB

Now close everything and ur good to go ,

if u have any questions or if it dosnt work feel free to comment and i will help you as much as i can :)

Comment,like,share thx.

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Rounded Edge Studio Presents Leaf The Cardboard Roller Banner / Pull Up Banner

Rounded Edge Studio Presents Leaf The Cardboard Roller Banner / Pull Up Banner
Most of us care about the environment that surrounds us; at Rounded Edge Studio we are no different

At our research manufacturing and print facilities in Skipton North Yorkshire we have been focusing our efforts in reducing waste and improving sustainability specifically within the roller banner market. Roller banners continue to be a successful way of exhibiting, nevertheless, most are difficult to dispose of and can have a harmful carbon foot-print due to the fact that many originate in the Far East.

Using, the latest technology encompassing flat bed printing and digital CNC machinery, we are proud to introduce a new way to display. Leaf, the World’s first recyclable cardboard roller banner, completely manufactured and assembled in the UK.

The Leaf works in exactly the same way as traditional roller banners. However, it looks very different because each banner is made from just one sheet of recyclable cardboard. This means that the Leaf’s unconventional triangular shape, creates not only strength and stability (weighing only 2 kilos) but also allows for a bespoke large printable graphic surface area.

The Leaf also accommodates many other advantages over traditional banners. Perhaps the most important, is that every part of its construction is fully recyclable, right from the cardboard upright to the substrates and UV inks used for graphic production. So disposal of a Leaf roller banner is easy; you simply place it into a recycling bin.

Other notable benefits are, traditional roller banners can lose tension making it difficult to retract a graphic into a base. With the Leaf you have the option of simply tapping the roller banner several times or alternatively using the re-tension mechanism.

We believe that Leaf is the future alternative for low cost environmentally friendly roller banners.

Product Features:
100% Recyclable
Light weight at 2kg
Branded Base
Low Cost
UV resistant
Retractable Graphic

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The FATMAN has caused me to go for the folders and assisted opening blades ! I have always been a fixed blade fan, but now I am gonna try out another style ! I have a lot to learn about these, I will need some tips and advise ! I have a Mission for MMHR ! Another Swamp Bomber, custom made ! This will be my 3rd one from him, and it’s because it is a well made, beautiful, completely functional knife, made right here by an American !!

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