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[NEW] How to Change Music Disc Songs in Minecraft [1.8.X]+

[NEW] How to Change Music Disc Songs in Minecraft [1.8.X]+
Watch in HD. It helps a lot!!!

Click here to download a pre-created layout for a resource pack

1. Create a folder named “assets” on your desktop
2. Open “assets” and create a folder inside of it called “minecraft”
3. Open “minecraft” and create a folder inside of it called “sounds”
4. Open “sounds” and create folders inside of it called “records” and “music”
5. Music added to “records will replace music discs, and music added to “music” will replace in game music that will play randomly during gameplay
6. Click here and download this, or go back to your desktop and create a new text document, and paste the following starting with the first bracket and ending with the last bracket into the document
“pack”: {
“pack_format”: 1,
“description”: “Custom Music Pack”
7. Save the text document as “pack.mcmeta” under “All Files”, NOT as “Text Documents (*.txt)” (skip this if you used my link)
8. Open
9. Choose your music and upload it
10. Download your file and place it in the “records” folder
11. Rename the music to 11, 13, blocks, cat, chirp, far, mall, mellohi, stal, strad, wait, or ward
-If you want to change the in game music add the file to the music folder and name it calm1, calm2, calm3, hal1, hal2, hal3, hal4, nuance1, nuance2, piano1, piano2, or piano3
12. Use WinRAR to add your Resource Pack to a ZIP archive. So the archive should contain the assets folder and pack.mcmeta
Click here to go to the WinRAR download page
13. Type %appdata% in your search bar found by clicking the Windows icon
14. Open the folder named “.minecraft”
15. Open the “resourcepacks” folder and place yous resource pack in it
16. Open Minecraft 1.7.2+
17. Hit Esc, Options, Resource Packs, Add your Pack
18. Hit “Done” and close pause menu
19. Get the music disc you altered
20. Place it in a Jukebox and enjoy!

Click here to visit Matthew Pablo’s website and download the music

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MS Outlook Support Helpline Help Desk 1 844 282 6955 Solve Microsoft outlook imap not working

MS Outlook Support Helpline Help Desk 1 844 282 6955 Solve Microsoft outlook imap not working
MS Outlook Helpline Help Desk 1 844 282 6955 Solve Microsoft outlook imap not working , Configure Outlook 2013 with IMAP
Open MS/Microsoft Outlook with click ‘Folders’ select ‘IMAP Folders’.
Unchecked(*) the “When displaying message in Outlook, show only the subscribed folders.
check box.
Save the settings and click F9 key to initiate force Send/Receive check.
Click Finish when Outlook is done.
To get also solutions from Outlook Help desk or Outlook email Helpline USA and & Canada like how to Add an email account with custom settings or when, I’m having problems downloading mail , POP (IMAP) settings outlook, IMAP and POP3 support in for Outlook, outlook 2007 imap not working, gmail imap not working outlook, how does imap work with MS outlook, Microsoft Outlook Helpline how does imap work with Microsoft outlook 2010, IMAP and POP3 support in for Outlook, how does imap work with outlook 2013, outlook 2007 imap problem , Microsoft outlook 2003 imap problem, outlook 2013 imap issues, IMAP Client Configuration, imap settings, from not working, Configuring Microsoft Outlook For Use With No-IP POP/IMAP, How to Fix the IMAP Issues in MS Outlook/ Gmail 2013 and Office 365. Outlook Help-desk Phone Number for all Outlook version like Outlook 2003, MS Outlook 2007, Microsoft Outlook 2010 & Outlook 2013. Purge IMAP items marked for deletion, MS Outlook Help Desk USA
MS Outlook Support USA outlook imap not working, Configure Outlook 2013 with IMAP

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Blue Wave Printing & Display | Printing in South Windsor

Blue Wave Printing & Display | Printing in South Windsor
Blue Wave Printing & Display in Vernon, Connecticut is a family run business, the owners, Scott & Elaine Hagelin started the company in 1992. It was called “Show & Tell Inc” at that time. We first started out with color copiers making personalized photo gifts, the custom photo calendar was our first mail order item. We made personalized calendars from our customer’s family pictures and shipped them all across the country. This evolved into many other photo gifts.
When we started producing more business related products such as business cards, brochures, postcards, signs and promotional products to serve our business clients, we changed the name to Blue Wave Printing & Display Inc. as we became more focused on business clients and web-based sales. Over the years technology has changed and we have changed with it. We added banners and banner stands, trade show displays, wall murals, floor decals, and more. Contact us today to see how we can serve you!

Visit our profile page to learn more!

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MP3 Music Downloader Free v3.0 – iPhone App by WebTechies

MP3 Music Downloader Free v3.0 – iPhone App by WebTechies
MP3 Music Downloader is an amazing free application which lets you download and play any number of mp3 songs from websites online. The application is absolutely free without any download restrictions. Download and play any number of legal mp3 songs directly from Internet. ★★★★★ THIS IS A FULL-FLEDGED APPLICATION FOR FREE!! THIS IS NOT A TRIAL OR LITE VERSION!! THIS IS NOT A LIMITED FEATURE FREE VERSION. THIS IS THE APP YOU ARE LOOKING FOR!! Absolutely free!! No Restrictions!! No Download Limitations. ★★★★★

Demo Video:

MP3 Music Downloader Free provides seamless music download from websites where free music is available legally. MP3 Music Downloader Free comes loaded with following power packed features.

✓ Mp3 Song Seeker

MP3 Song Seeker is basically an advanced tool which crawls the entire webpage opened in the Browser Tab for MP3 links. It lists all the MP3 songs it finds in any webpage opened in the browser and lets you download all the songs in 1 single go. For instance if you wish to download an entire album where all the songs are listed on one webpage; just open the webpage in browser and start a new search in the “Search” tab. The crawler would automatically search each and every link on the page and extract the ones which are MP3 in a list in the “Search Tab”. Check Application FAQ for complete details.

✓ Built In Download Manager

1)Unrestricted music download using built in browser.
2)Download status bars and ability to pause downloads
3)Download multiple songs together.
4)Uninterrupted background downloads in case the phone goes on Standby Mode.
5)Automatic queuing of songs selected for download.

✓ Built in powerful Web Browser

1)Just open any website, select the MP3 song link and tap it to download.
2)Bookmarks functionality to easy access to favourite websites.
3)Tap browsing.

✓ Full Featured Music Player

1)iPod Like music player with all music functions.
2)Slide to change the songs.
3)Repeat and shuffle functions.
4)Album Art while song plays.
5)Plays music in background.

✓ Loading iPod Music

1)Ability to load iPod music within the application.
2)Manage ipod songs and remove whenever required.

✓ Song Management

1)Create custom folders.
2)Move songs to folders of your choice
3)Create And Manage playlists
4)Move songs to playlists.


The application comes loaded with a built in browser. Just open the website you want to download songs from. Choose your songs and hit the download button!

Features Added:

1) Ability for auto remaining the sound file to its Title stored in the Metadata.
2) Auto title a song after it is downloaded.
3) Shake to skip a track.
4) Simpler and easier navigation
5) One Tap Download Function.

Bugs Fixed:

1) Song renamed to null when renaming multiple songs does not happen anymore.
2) Shuffle and Repeat now functions properly while in stand by mode.
3) Song Entries do not hide behind the ads now.

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How to Transfer SMS Contacts for HTC Phone ( windows mobile 5/6.5)

How to Transfer SMS Contacts for HTC Phone ( windows mobile 5/6.5)

3GMobile SMS + Contacts Backup is an app used to backup sms and outlook contacts on windows mobile. You could use this software to save your mobile outlook contacts and sms as .xml or txt file;Restore sms and outlook contacts from pc to mobile phone;Manage sms & outlook contacts on pc.

With 3GMobile SMS + Contacts Backup, you can:
Backup SMS Messages for windows mobile into txt file or .xml backup file and save onto your computer
Restore SMS Messages from a .xml backup file
Support all SMS default folders (Inbox, Outbox, Drafts, Sent Items, Deleted Items) and custom folders.
Export your outlook contacts into txt file or .xml backup file format and save onto your pc
Edit outlook contacts info on computer directly
Restore outlook contacts from the .xml backup file
Support unlimited outlook contacts and SMS backup/restore.
Fast backup and restore speed
Fully Support Windows Mobile 5/6.0/6.1/6.5
Easy to use

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NEW Shopkins Sticker Album & Shopkins Stickers, Shopkins Giveaway Winner!

NEW Shopkins Sticker Album & Shopkins Stickers, Shopkins Giveaway Winner!
Today I check out the new Shopkins sticker album, it comes with 5 packets of Shopkins stickers, and I bought a few extra shopkins stickers to get a good start on my shopkins sticker collection! You can also collect shopkins coins that will add up to win you an awesome Shopkins prize. The Shopkins Sticker Album was bought from my local super market, the Shopkins stickers are also sold separately from the Shopkins sticker Album but every Shopkins sticker album has 5 Shopkins sticker packs with 6 Shopkins stickers inside. At the end of the video, Joy from Inside Out announces the winner of my Shopkins season 3 entire collection giveaway yay!! Congratulations to the winner!! :D

Please subscribe to my channel, Elsa’s Surprise Eggs, to keep updated:

Stay connected to Elsa’s Surprise Eggs:
Instagram: @elsassurprise

Check out my Shopkins videos:

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“Shopkins Season 4 Challenge”! Design your own “Shopkin Season 4″, Shopkins Season 3 Magazine

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“Shopkins Season 3 Limited Edition” surprise egg with 3 LE Shopkins Ticky Tock, Brenda Brooch Plus “Shopkins Giveaway”

“Shopkins Season 3″ Play doh Rainbow Surprise egg! Shopkins Season 3, 5 packs, Zelfs, MLP, Fashems beperkte serie

Shopkins Season 3 Teenie TV Play doh Surprise! Shopkins Mega Season 3, 20 pack playdough

Shopkins Stacking Challenge! With Season 1, 2, 3 “Shopkins Challenge!” Fun “Shopkins Game”:

“Mega Shopkins” Season 3, mega 20 packs, Ultra Rare Shopkins, on hunt for “Limited Edition shopkins”! Sono In Edizone Limitata

/£10 Shopping Challenge Tagged by PLP TV! With Shopkins Magazine, DIY “Shopkin Season 3″ Candy Apple & fashems:

DIY Shopkins Storage Part 2 with Shopkins Season 3 Special Edition Polished Pearl Stationary Secret Sally

DIY Shopkins Art with 3 “Limited Edition Shopkins” from Season 2 Donna Donut Cerca I Preziosi Gioielli Shopkins

Shopkins Play doh Lippy Lips Season 1, Shopkins game & Shopkins Activity Annual coole juwelen:

DIY Shopkins Storage with “Shopkins Season 3 Limited Edition” Shopkin Chelsea Charm, custom Shopkins molonas de los shopkinstm

SHOPKINS Season 2 toy Eggs, Play Doh Shopkins bag, Juguete Sorpresa Shopkins:

Shopkins Play Doh Wishes Shopkins Season 1 surprises, Kooky Cookie plush, Juguete Sorpresa:

Shopkins Season 3 Guess Game & Unboxing Shopkins Season 1, 5 Pack:

Shopkins Play Doh Giant Cupcake Chic, Season 1&2 with ultra rare ones “Moose Toys”

All the music is from the YouTube Audio Library.

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Wind Banner Flags

Wind Banner Flags – Wave Banner Flags with custom printing are perfect for outdoor events. Outdoor Banners grab attention while fluttering in the wind and are very portable. Wave Outdoor Banners come complete with a stand and carry bag. Optional auger & driver over base. | 800.969.9913

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Clear Acetate Plastic Packaging

Clear Acetate Plastic Packaging
1st Packaging Ltd supplies innovative Clear Plastic Packaging Boxes and Cartons to the Food& Drink, Toiletries & Cosmetics and Confectionery Markets
Please contact us on or phone 01844 273663

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