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Packaging Boxes & Materials by Ariba & Company, Mumbai

Packaging Boxes & Materials by Ariba & Company, Mumbai
[] Welcome to Ariba & CompanyManufacturer & Supplier of Corrugated Boxes The Company was established in the year 2009, at Mumbai. Our Sophisticatedmanufacturing unit help us to serve Indian Subcontinent. Angor Fashion & Star Packaging are some of our prestigious clients and we aresupported by Customized solutions & Ethical trading practices. We offer a huge gamut of Corrugated Packaging Boxes, Wooden Crates & Pallets. Corrugated Packaging Boxes offered by us are a class apart. Our Wooden Crates & Pallets are available at affordable prices. We also provide Cardboard Boxes & Thermocole Packaging that are in huge demandacross the global markets. Our Packaging Materials are best in the industry amongst others. Along with that we offer Corrugated Shipping Boxes that are widely acclaimed in themarket. To get the best deal in the vertical, log on at -

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Instant Fan Banner Printing: NRL’s Rise for Alex Round

Instant Fan Banner Printing: NRL’s Rise for Alex Round
The NRL increases match day Social Media #RiseForAlex
NRL innovation generates instant Social Media amplification for #RiseForAlex
Instant Social Media amplification for #RiseForAlex
The NRL uses innovative, interactive Social Media technology to increase fan engagement, increase awareness and support for the Alex McKinnon Foundation.
Rise for Alex instant Social Media amplification
The centrepiece of the NRL’s Rise For Alex round was the return of Alex McKinnon to Hunter Stadium for the Knights v Titans clash.
To help fans show their support for the #RiseForAlex campaign, increase Social Media engagement and add to the match day experience the NRL used a range of interactive technology including a Social Media Photo Booth and new INSTA-banner technology.
INSTA-banner technology instantly prints fans’ messages of support as 60cm x 40cm banners and allows them to instantly share their message on Social Media.
Hundreds of fans used interactive touch screens to instantly share their message of support on Social Media generating a huge Social Media buzz, increasing awareness and followers.
The NRL has previously used other interactive marketing technology to increase Fan engagement including Social Media Photo Booths to support the State of Origin Shield tour. INSTA-banner is another example of innovative technology that helps adds to Fan’s match day experience and increase on-line engagement.

Find out more about INSTA-banner

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DIY PLANNER! Cover, decorations, dashboard, stickers & more! DIY supplies

DIY PLANNER! Cover, decorations, dashboard, stickers & more! DIY supplies
Hi guys!! Today I’m going to show you how to make and personalize your own planner from a boring plain one. It’s really easy to make it your own so it looks exactly like you want and without expending a lot of money in those expensive planners there are out there.

The first step is making the cover. You will need:
The agenda, a piece of scrapbook that is thick as cardstock and some clear plastic sheets.

Start off by taking out the wire part and make sure that you keep the order of the pages as you take them out. Finally take out the cover and the back and place them over the scrapbook paper, then outline and cut.
Align the old cover with the scrapbook piece to mark the holes. Then place the plastic sheet and the scrapbook paper together, hold them with some pins so they don’t move and cut so they have the same size. And before removing the pins poke some holes following the marks. Do the same to the back part.
Now it’s time to put the planner back together. Put the planner under the new cover and place the back part over, the same way I’m doing here and in that order put them back on the wire. Make sure you set aside one page that you don’t need.

To decorate the cover I made a simple sticker on I chose a circle, and put the word planner and the years on it. Then I printed it on adhesive paper, cut and stick it to the cover. You can make whatever design you want and the outside of your planner will be finished! Now it’s time to decorate the inside.

We’re going to start by making a dashboard for all your sticky
notes. Take that page we set aside before and pin it to a plastic sheet of the same size and poke some holes on the plastic using the planner page as your guide. Then make some little cuts next to the holes as I’m doing in the video. Use those cuts to place the dashboard on your planner. This system will allow you to change the place of you dashboard whenever you want. Finally, place all your sticky notes there.

I decided to add some pockets to my planner to keep all my stickers there. I thought about making them myself but I found them super cheap at my local craft store so I just glued them down to the back of my cover.

You can make your own stickers by printing them at home. I just searched planner stickers printable on Google images and chose the ones I liked. Then I just cut them and placed them on my planer pages. And the ones I didn’t use I just kept them inside my pockets. I also made these cute reminders myself that I will leave on my Tumblr so you can download them and print them at home.

You can combine the dashboard and the stickers technique to make a cute bookmark to mark the week you’re in. Take a plastic sheet and mark how wide you want your bookmark to be. Use the same technique we used before to make the holes but leave a little part on the upper side. Make some cuts and give the upper part a nice shape. Then stick some stickers and some washi tape to decorate your bookmark. Place it on your planner and that’s it! Those little cuts will allow you to change it from week to week.

So that was it for this video!! I hope you liked these DIYs to completely change your planners. Let me know in the comments which kind of videos you want to watch next and I’ll do my best to make it happen.

Thanks for watching!

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Clings | Custom Clings

Clings | Custom Clings
Get Clings Printing from PrintingGood with High Quality Printing at Cheap Rates.

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Pagina FB Nyc (new york color):
Scarica la mia APP x Apple e Android cerca “mikeligna”
sito web:



mikeligna’s Nails Blog:

Visita la PUPA NAIL ACADEMY x spunti e idee su tante NAIL ART:

Tutte le info dettagliate del mio libro di nail art pubblicato con Rizzoli le trovate qui:

Disclaimer: alcuni prodotti utilizzati mi sono stati inviati dalle aziende, altri sono miei acquisti, in ogni caso non vengo pagata per parlarne/mostrarli/usarli.

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Shark Tank – College Foxes Packing Boxes and College Hunks Hauling Junk

Shark Tank – College Foxes Packing Boxes and College Hunks Hauling Junk
Co-founders Nick Friedman and Omar Soliman help put ABC’s then-unknown TV show “Shark Tank” on the map. In this very first episode of the Emmy Award winning show, Friedman and Soliman present a new business venture – “College Foxes Packing Boxes” – to the sharks!

Check out College Hunks Hauling Junk and College Hunks Moving at

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Maquillage Nouvel An : Anne Depetrini teste les stickers pour les yeux, les ongles et les lèvres

Maquillage Nouvel An : Anne Depetrini teste les stickers pour les yeux, les ongles et les lèvres
Cette semaine, notre “fashion-victim” Anne Depetrini prépare le nouvel an et les fêtes avec des accessoires de maquillage très disco-night-party. Ongles, yeux ou lèvres, tout se sticke aujourd’hui !
Anne a testé pour vous ces innovations autocollantes … et surprenantes !

Avec son citymag hebdo, Anne DEPETRINI, présentatrice et chroniqueuse (ex Canal+), comédienne au cinéma, réalisatrice et surtout grande “fashion addict” et “fashion victim”, va « (dé)faire la mode » et tester pour nous, vêtements, nouveaux lieux, accessoires et coiffures, des plus populaires aux plus « hype ».

Filmée par sa complice et bavarde Clarisse Le Friant, elle rigole et blague beaucoup mais ses conseils de modeuse et de style sont ceux d’une vraie copine !

Une production Clarisse Le Friant

Retrouvez Anne Depetrini sur Facebook :

Suivez nous sur Twitter :
Rendez-Vous à Paris sur Facebook :

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