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J3 vista Printing & Packaging

J3 vista Printing & Packaging
J3 vista Printing & Packaging (P) Ltd. is an International Printing & Packaging company which has catered leading International and National Brands.

Call:+91 90877 22777

By re-branding your products packaging You may generate more business and attention for your company. Our Innovative printing and Packaging Ideas render you the best quality printing at cost effective prices , most probably much lesser than what you are paying currently.

A little about our Products & Services :

Imported multi color Offset Printing Machines which Provides High Quality printing and can handle from 40gsm up to 400gsm. The printing area is up to 28×40 inches.
Commercial Offset Printing – Packaging – Carton Boxes – Corrugated Boxes – Paper Containers – Food Packaging Boxes – Bulk quantity Fliers – Take away menus – Garment packaging – Motor / Grinder Boxes – Labels – Stickers – Paper Bags – Calendars – Re-branding & Designing – Total Packaging & Printing solutions.

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Наклейки своими руками! / Homemade stickers!

Наклейки своими руками! / Homemade stickers!
Интернет-магазин Ykira –
Всех приветствую на своем канале, сегодня я вам покажу как сделать наклейки своими руками!
Буду очень признателен за подписку и лойс :)
Я в ВКонтакте:
Реклама и сотруднечество:
Группа ВКонтакте:
Заказать интро / шапка! 2D/3D:
Для тех кто желает зарабатывать на ютуб:

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Banner Flag Setup – Bowflag® Premium Dart

Banner Flag Setup – Bowflag® Premium Dart
To order, visit

This video shows how to set up the Bowflag® Premium Dart, an advertising banner flag from The banner flag is easy to set up: just connect the pole set together and slide the print up through the pole sleeve.

The Bowflag® Premium Dart features a unique shape like any other. Its part of the Bowflag® Premium family, which are higher-end banner flags with aviation-grade fiberglass pole sets. All Bowflag® prints are on Polyflag Standard, a polyester-based material that features high tear resistance and excellent through-print.

– Available in three sizes from 7.2′ to 14.8′
– Single-reverse/double-sided printing extending to pole sleeve
– Made for use indoors and outdoors

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DIY Notebooks for back to school! Doughnuts, Tumblr & more! DIY supplies

DIY Notebooks for back to school! Doughnuts, Tumblr & more! DIY supplies
Hi guys! So as most of liked my past video on back to school DIYs I decided to make this video about DIY notebook design ideas! They are all really easy and affordable and perfect for all your school subjects!

For the first one you will need:

A white notebook and some printed doughnuts.

First, you will need to search on Google some doughnuts pictures that have white background. Here you have some options:

Then print them all and cut. Arrange them on your notebook and once you are happy with the design glue them down. I decided to put some doughnuts at the edges so I cut out the excess and that’s it! This idea is simple but very easy to personalize so if you don’t like doughnuts you can choose anything you like.

For the second idea you will need: a plain notebook of any color and a pen.

This DIY is pretty self explanatory if you watch what I did, I just simply make some easy drawings starting from the corner. If you need some inspiration try to search zentangle notebook on Google and you will find some amazing designs. I know it looks complicated but it is actually very easy. Make sure to practice before you start and once you get use to it use your imagination to add new patterns to you design.

In the bottom part I decided to write a quote to complete my notebook. As I said before, if it is your first time making these designs make sure to practice a little bit in a piece of paper before you start drawing on your notebook. It was the first time for me and practicing before I actually started with the project was really helpful.
I really love the final result and you can always continue completing your design while you are in class! LOL

For my last notebook I got the inspiration from Tumblr. You will need: any notebook and some magazines.

First, start off by cutting a paper triangle as your stencil and use it to draw a bunch of triangles on the magazine pages. This way they will all have the same size. Them cut them out and start arranging them on your notebook until you cover the whole surface. Then, glue your triangles, cut the excess and add a layer of white glue to protect your design. You can leave it like that but I decided to add some silver lines between the triangles and then outline them with a black marker to make them pop even more.

Ok, so those where all my ideas, I hope they were helpful and that they could inspire you with your notebook designs. Let me know in the comments which type of videos you want to watch next and I will do my best to make it happen. Thanks for watching!

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How to assemble a retractable banner stand. Kessler Creative: The Signage Expert

How to assemble a retractable banner stand. Kessler Creative: The Signage Expert
Watch our short video on how to put together a retractable banner stand. These stands are great for high traffic opportunities, e.g. in store promotions, events or trade shows. Eric gives you easy step-by-step instructions on the assembly process.

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DIY Marble Nail Art Stickers | Sonal Sagaraya

DIY Marble Nail Art Stickers | Sonal Sagaraya
It has been a while since I did a marble nail art video, so I thought of doing one with a new color combination! Hope you guys like it :)

Things you will need:

☀ Bowl of water (Room temperature)

☀ Nail polishes of your choice
(NOTE: The polish has to be thin for it to spread)

☀ A pointy tool to draw your design

☀ Paper towel

☀ Scissors

Step 1: Keep all your nail polish bottles open.

Step2: Start dropping the polish into the bowl to create your bullseye. The polish has to spread like this (0:44) if it clumps up or sinks in change the polish.

Step 3: Once you have your bullseye ready grab your tool to draw your pattern.

Step 4: Let it sit over there for 15-20 will notice the edges getting a little wrinkly once

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored video.

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Electric-Mods- V6.1 CFG Menu Tutorial PS3

Electric-Mods- V6.1 CFG Menu Tutorial PS3
Follow all the steps correctly and I promise that you will have this menu :)
⇩ Download link for the V6.1 CFG menu ⇩

NOTE: If this doesn’t work for you then here are some possibilities that could be stopping you from getting my menu. Because this DOES WORK 100% OF THE TIME! Don’t tell me otherwise.
⇨ 1. Your USB device is not formatted to FAT32.
⇨ 2. You have the digital copy of World At War (you can only mod WAW on the disk version)
⇨ 3. You chose the incorrect game region. (USA is BLUS30192)
⇨ 4. Your save data is corrupt (unlikely)
⇨ 5. Your USB wasn’t detected by the PS3 (Or doesn’t work at all)
⇨ 6. The menu might be corrupt if you didn’t eject the USB properly
⇨ 7. You don’t have all the .cfg files in your USB
⇨ 8. .cfg files are in custom folders or have been renamed or they’re in another location
⇨ 9. Your USB wasn’t in the right slot of your PS3
⇨ 10. You don’t have a microsoft PC or you have a MAC or linux. Im unsure if it works on MAC or linux so you might be out of luck.
⇨ 1. Right click your USB, go to “format”, go to “file system” and click FAT32. Once you do that hit “start”. IT WILL ERASE YOUR DATA ON YOUR USB! *YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED*
⇨ 2. Get the disk version, or use the disk version
⇨ 3. Find out the game region that you own, or try another 1 at random. Or you need to resign your save data using “PS3 game save resigner” I will make a tutorial later on showing you how.
⇨ 4. Use your own save data from your PS3 and modify it yourself, Find the codes in the advanced tutorial.
⇨ 5. Try putting it in your PS3 again, or get a new USB device
⇨ 6. Just re-download my menu and try again, but this time EJECT THE USB DEVICE SAFELY!
⇨ 7. Double check to see if ALL of them are in your USB, if your unsure just re-copy ALL the files and re-paste all the files. Make sure you replace all the files as well.
⇨ 8. Make sure you DONT rename, create new folders or move the files to different locations. The code will NOT work. If you did this then delete everything and re-copy and re-paste the files again.
⇨ 9. If you have a PHAT PS3 any right slot will do. Its close to the power button it doesn’t work well if its on the left side.
⇨ 10. Get a microsoft PC or use someone elses microsoft PC
♥ If you need additional help then leave a comment, I will help you out. This DOES work 100% of the time for me. ♥

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Stickers and Parking Lots | My Big Fat Fabulous Life

Stickers and Parking Lots | My Big Fat Fabulous Life
Whitney talks about the embarrassing moment of her 5XL sticker on her pants, and her fight with Buddy that ends up with her in her parking lot “office.”

Watch new episodes of MY BIG FAT FABULOUS LIFE, Wednesdays at 9/8c on TLC!

Watch full episodes:

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For the latest on Whitney and the show, LIKE the Facebook page:

For more exclusive videos and content, go to:

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ParcelPedia Shipping and Printing 972-370-5441

ParcelPedia Shipping and Printing 972-370-5441
ParcelPedia Shipping and Printing 972-370-5441:
Founded in 1994, ParcelPedia is Frisco’s first and only locally owned and independent mail and parcel center.

ParcelPedia is a full service business center specializing in mail and shipping services. We also offer mailbox rentals, banner & sign printing, graphic design services, copy and print services, faxing, and notary services. Whatever your needs, our knowledgeable and friendly staff can help.

Parcelpedia – Banner Printing, Large Format Printing and Notary Services.


8992 Preston Road, Suite 110 Frisco, Texas 75034
(972) 335-1450
Fax: 972-335-1451

Click on below link:-

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electrical switch boxes packing machine and company

electrical switch boxes packing machine and company
Horizontal Flow Wrap Machine can pack a variety of solid products of different shapes and sizes with all types of heat sealable films and laminates.
These machines are extensively used to pack Appalams, Rusks, biscuits,Bun, Chocolate Bars, stick ice cream bars, cakes, groundnut chikkies,Cotton & Bandage Roles, scrub pads, noodles centre sealed made of heat sealable laminated polyester or B.O.P.P film. Drive of machine is electro-mechanical
V.K.Engineering and company,

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