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Cold Steel Ultimate Hunter – One of the Top Folders of 2015

Cold Steel Ultimate Hunter – One of the Top Folders of 2015
In my humble opinion this is one of the best hard use EDC production knifes to come out in 2015. It really has everything going for it, if you are thinking about checking out Cold Steel this would be my top recommended folder to do it with.

Weight: 4.9 oz.
Blade Thickness: 3.5 mm
Blade Length: 3 1/2″
Handle: 5″ G-10
Overall: 8 1/2″
Steel: Carpenter CTS® XHP Alloy
Pocket Clip: Ambidextrous Pocket / Belt Clip
A design collaboration between custom knife-maker Andrew Demko and Lynn C Thompson, the Ultimate Hunter represents the culmination of almost 3 years of design evolution.
Exhaustively field tested on 4 continents – the Ultimate Hunter has processed and field dressed everything from boar to buffalo – and it has proved its worth time and time again!
Made from American XHP steel with a Rockwell hardness of 60-61, the Ultimate Hunter is hand-ground to a razor edge that will last an amazingly long time.
Its blade is continuously curved from ricasso to tip, with lots of belly for skinning game and a drop point to enable the deft slicing of the body cavity without puncturing the viscera.
The heavily bead blasted, CNC machined American G10 handles are comfortably smooth, while still giving a very secure grip even with wet or bloody hands.
Equipped with a super-strong Tri-Ad locking mechanism for extra safety, the Ultimate Hunter is a pure thoroughbred hunting outdoorsmans blade – practical, functional and incredibly capable!

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How To Remove Bumper Stickers Vinyl Stickers And Graphics Form you Car, Truck Or Van

How To Remove Bumper Stickers Vinyl Stickers And Graphics Form you Car, Truck Or Van
How To Remove Bumper Stickers Vinyl Stickers And Graphics Form you Car, Truck Or Van. Sitckers and graphics can be a pin to remove but adding a blowdryer or heat gun can make the job go way better!
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Boxes & Packaging – Durham Box

Boxes & Packaging – Durham Box
We will help you to source your packaging in the most cost effective way, with products ranging from plain brown boxes to high end, multi-colour display packaging – made to order and produced to exact requirements, giving you complete control over the size, style, grade and print.

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4 Shopkins Smell-icious Activities Books with Scented Stickers Review Video Cookieswirlc

4 Shopkins Smell-icious Activities Books with Scented Stickers Review Video Cookieswirlc
Have a blast with these 4 Shopkins activities books with smell-icious stickers. Cheeky Chocolate with chocolate scented stickers, Strawberry Kiss with strawberries scented stickers, Fruity Friends with fruit scented stickers, and Sweet Treats with candy scented stickers. Wow!

Music by Cookieswirlc
A unique channel bursting with fun, positive, happy energy featuring popular videos on Disney Frozen (Frozen Fever), Princesses, Littlest Pet Shop LPS, Shopkins, Inside Out, mermaids, My Little Pony MLP, Lego, Barbie dolls, Play Doh, Squinkies, Build A Bear and much muchy more!!! Everything form stories, series, movies, playset toy reviews, hauls, mystery surprise blind bag openings, and DIY do it yourself fun crafts!


It’s the Shopkins Season 3 Beados Sweet Spree Design Station where you can easily make Shopkins characters from beads! DIY and let them dry with the biggest Shopkins fan!

It’s the new Shopkins Shoppies fashion collector dolls!!!! Three super cute fashion dolls Jessicake, Poppette, Bubbleisha come with two exclusive Shopkins

Shopkins sticker album with Shop Stix

It’s Cookieswirlc’s first American Girl Doll!

Unboxing of the new Shopkins 2015 Large Shoppin’ cart. Has 2 exclusive Season 2 Shopkins in new colors. Disney Frozen Queen Elsa doll shops too and unboxing of Season 2 12 pack that has 2 surprise blind bags!

My Little Pony playset by Playskool Friends – Collector Pack with 7 baby ponies (like Rainbow Dash, Cheerilee and Apple Jack) that Princess Luna can babysit. Ponies can slide down slide, and spin around to fun music in the celebration castle.

Custom DIY painting of Shopkins Season 3 from the playset pack Ballet Collection Fashion Spree Set. Let’s paint Tiara from gold to silver!

DIY Craft Squishy Shopkins Season 3 Special Edition Rita Ruler Make & Do It Your Self How To Video

Taylor Swift Celebrity Fashion Doll & Barbie Rock ‘N Royals Toy Review –

Top 10 must haves from the Dollar Tree… spend only to get back to school ready!

Disney Pixar Inside Out Control Console & Light Up Glow JOY Doll – Toy Unboxing Video –

Back To School Classroom Playset with Teacher & Principal & Shopkins Season 3 Blind Bag

Awesome new Disney Descendant Dolls: Ben son of Beauty (Belle) and the Beast (Prince Adam) and Mal daughter of Maleficent based off of the new live action TV movie.

New Shopkins Season 3 playset pack Shoe Dazzle Fashion Spree Set. It contains exclusive Shopkins figures and accessories. Even Disney Frozen Queen Elsa doll wants to shop.

Carry all your common, rare, ultra rare, limited or special edition Shopkins with you from Season 1, 2, 3 and even the jumbo large exclusives Shopkins. Fits over 100 figures in this carrier case bag!

This awesome Shopkins mini purse is filled with mystery surprise toys. Disney Frozen Fash’ems, Shopkins Season 3 and 2 (any limited editions in there?), My Little Pony POP Funko Vinyl and more! Enjoy this toy unboxing video.

Shopkins Season 3 12 pack and 2 Blind Bag baskets! Enjoy this Shopkins Season three review video.

Beados Shopkins Fashion Cuties Activity Pack you can create your own Shopkins figures from beads!!


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Nintendo 64 N64 Console Review of Box Packaging – Box Tales VII

Nintendo 64 N64 Console Review of Box Packaging – Box Tales VII

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The Nintendo 64 (ニンテンドウ64 Nintendō Rokujūyon?), often referred to as N64 (stylized as NINTENDO⁶⁴, and formerly known as the Nintendo Ultra 64) is Nintendo’s third home video game console for the international market. Named for its 64-bit central processing unit, it was released in June 1996 in Japan, September 1996 in North America, March 1997 in Europe and Australia, September 1997 in France and December 1997 in Brazil. It is Nintendo’s last home console to use ROM cartridges to store games (Nintendo switched to a MiniDVD-based format for the successor GameCube); handhelds in the Game Boy line, however, continued to use Game Paks. As part of the fifth generation of gaming, it primarily competed with the Sony PlayStation and the Sega Saturn. The N64 was discontinued in 2002 in Japan, North America and PAL regions by the launch of Nintendo’s GameCube.

TrannyGamer is a Gaming / Action Figure channel hosted by comedian Louie “Lulu” Barra / Jessica “Who” De Leon



Polar Barra Productions
P.O. Box 140216
Gainesville, FL 32614-2851

Filmed with
Edited in Sony Vegas Movie Studio 11.0

MUSIC by Kevin MacLeod –

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runescape helper

runescape helper
trust me on this one…

How To Make Folders and Edit Them Save Upload Movie Making Editing Watermark technology Photo Shop tutorials High Definition Audio/Narration Three topics, Plug-ins, Stock Video Footage and Zooming The differences in Windows Movie Maker version 1 versus 2 Picture-in-Picture Tutorial Text Clips (Titles and Credits) Using Microsoft’s Photo Story 2 Dividing a Complex Project into Sub-Projects File Formats: Which ones work with Movie Maker 2 Compression, Codecs and the Windows Media Encoder About: MPEG Files and mini tutorial on creating a DVD About: Text Message Using IrfanView with Movie Maker 2 Windows XP Sp2 and Movie Maker 2.1 Making Text Images for Photo Story 2 Using VirtualDub and NanDub with Movie
Maker Analog Capture using Dazzle DVC 80 Exploring Audio – Enhancement, Generational Losses, Sync with Video, Conversion.From DVD disc to Movie
Maker Movie Maker, Photo Story and TMPGEnc Using Movie Maker 2 and Photo Story 2 Rad Video Tools Anatomy of a Photo Story Project File About
Project Collections Photo Story 3 – Special Edition Photo Story 3 and Movie Maker 2 Working Together Review: Video Effects and Transitions
Sharing Videos Online Photo Story 3 – The First Month Movie Maker Basics Help!! I can’t save my Movie or Story Picture-in-Picture (Advanced)
AutoMovie + VirtualDub “Benchmark Testing’ Manage Adware and Spyware Adjusting Dark Movies Intro to AviSynth Go, Stop, Reverse, Photo Story, Go
Forward Make a Video-Like Snippet to Begin a Photo Story Text and Texture Pixels DVDs with the Highest Quality on New Home HDTV’s Civil War Project Pt.1 Encoder Screen Capture Session Pictures From A Relative Sonic’s PS3 DVD Plug-in and MyDVD 6.1 Civil War Project Pt.2 About Audio DV-AVI File Rendering Use Movie Maker to Start a Photo Story Project Converting MPEG-2 Files Civil War Project Pt.3 Intro to Custom Titles and Effects Converting MPEG-2 files – Part II (Ripping/Converting DVDs) Interlaced versus Progressive What Frames Do You See? Renaissance Handfasting Ceremony – Plus a Sword Fight Vlogging (Video Blogging) Civil War Project (Making the final movie) Converting MPEG-2 files – Part III (from Recorded TV to Movie Maker) A Source File – from Cradle to Grave The WinDV Utility Photo Story 3- Saving Projects and Stories Introduction to Audacity Navigating the timeline and trimming clips Text in Photo Story 3 Neptune & Mydeo Video Hosting Create your Photo Story Audio in Movie Maker Assessing Video Files and Codecs with GSpot Project Complexity and Memory Needs Render MPEG-4 Movies with Movie Maker 2 Rotating and Cropping a Video Scene Equipment: Monopod Custom Effects, Transitions and Title Overlays Photo Story 3 Profile Choices Re-Capture DV-AVI Files DVD Creation with Windows Media Center 2005 Paint.NET Tutorial Prepping Still Pictures for Import Photo Story 3 and Digital Image Suite 2006 Basic Computer Skills Holiday Videos From Scanner to Movie or Stories Happy Holidays Video Compression Options A Photo Story with
300 Pictures First Look – Photo Story and Movie Maker in Vista Journeys from Analog to Digital Making a Standard Opening Clip Las Vegas Photo Story Stories and Movies – Shapes and Sizes Background Music – Obtaining, Selecting, and Distributing * #92 – Moving Overlay Images Windows
Vista Features High Definition VC-1 Quality Settings in Custom Profiles Special Video Effects Tags in DVD Files Visually Seamless Special Effects and Transitions 2nd Anniversary Newsletter Free’ Online Video Hosting Converting Movies to Flash and MP4 Managing files with Total Commander A Shotgun Microphone Roxio’s MyDVD Premier 8 Another Look at Windows Vista The 307 Video Effects on my Laptop The 551 Video Transitions on my Laptop Summer Fun – an Old Fashion Drive-in Re-Capturing a lost DV-AVI file Using Audio Wave Patterns Windows Media Encoder Studio Edition Beta Audio Sample rates of DV-AVI files Organizing Still Pictures before Importing The Pace of TV Ads and Content Subdividing an Overly Complex Project Blue-Screen: Outer Space Clips Europe 301 SUPER Converter HD Camcorder: Sony HDR-HC1 The iRiver Clix Pixelan’s Pan and
Zoom Maker mydeo – Streaming Video Service Mass of Vacation Videos and Pictures Pixelan’s Transitions and Effects Making a Video Postcard A
Closer look at YouTube Vista’s DVD Maker – Focus on Style Scanning 35mm Slides Make a PhotoStory from a Movie A Sample High-Def PhotoStory

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Kuzy – Keyboard Stickers/Skins for MacBook and Apple Wireless Keyboard – Easy Installation Proccess

Kuzy – Keyboard Stickers/Skins for MacBook and Apple Wireless Keyboard – Easy Installation Proccess
Kuzy Keyboard Stickers

Installation Steps how to install Keyboard Stickers on all MacBook Keyboard and Wireless Keyboard.

Find more Kuzy Products at:

Please contact us by email

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Durarara!! SMS theme for iOS

Durarara!! SMS theme for iOS
In this video I show off my custom theme for my iPod touch. The theme featues the Dollars chat room from the anime Durarara!!. This is not a released theme. You will have to download several Cydia tweaks and one Winterboard theme to make this. In this video I will show you what to do after you have downloaded the following:
– WinterBoard
– iFile
– Copic
– SMS Balloons

How to change SMS background to black:

– Save your plain black wallpaper as the most recent photo in your Photos App.
– Open iFile – Var – Mobile – Media – DCIM – 100APPLE
– Scroll to the bottom, find the last file of the list, and press the blue arrow button.
– Rename the file “SMSBackground.png” (without quotes) and hit “done”
– Press edit, select your photo, press the little clipboard button, press “Cut”
– Go to Var – Stash – Themes
– Press edit, press the little pluss button in the bottom left-hand corner, Name is “SMS Wallpaper” (or anything else you will remember)
– Locate your new folder and open it
– press edit, press the clipboard, and hit paste.

How to change incoming and outgoing balloon colour:
– Open iFile and go to Var – Stash – Themes
– Press edit, press the little plus sign, and Name the folder “SMS Balloons custom.theme”
– Open your new folder and make another folder inside named “Folders”
– Open the “Folders” folder and make ANOTHER folder inside that is named “ChatKit.framework
– Go back to themes and Locate (out of your multible SMS Balloons themes) a theme that has the colour that you would like your outgoing balloon to be. (let’s jsut say you want blue for outgoing and yellow for incoming)
– Select “SMS Balloons – Blue & Gray.theme” – Folders – ChatKit.framework.
– Press edit, then select “Balloon_1.png” and hit copy.
– Go back to your “SMS Baloons Custom.theme” – Folders – ChatKit.framework
– Press edit, then hit paste (if you want this file to be your incoming and not outgoing then you can simply rename the file to “Baloon_2.png”

From here it should be clear as to what to do next in terms of completing your theme. you will still need to find your own Durarara!! Dollars emoticons and apply them in Copic.

I hope you enjoyed my video and I hope it is a benifit to all who watched it. If you’ have troubles finding any Durarara!! Dollars chat emoticons then you should drop me a line and I can email you the ones I have found already.
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