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Top flatbed printing company in Toronto -Vinyl Xpress

Top flatbed printing company in Toronto -Vinyl Xpress
Vinyl Xpress offers a full line of FLATBED PRINTING & vinyl banners in Toronto, Ontario Canada. We provide vinyl banner, Trade show displays, Laminating and mounting Toronto with the highest print quality available. For more details visit at & Call now at TOLL FREE: 1.855.897.4467 / LOCAL: 905.264.0079

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automatic cartoning machines for box packaging machinery cartoner estuchadora automática

automatic cartoning machines for box packaging machinery cartoner estuchadora automática
high speed vertical automatic cartoning machine for box packaging machinery,Vertical estuchadora automática

automatic cartoner machine stainless steel frequency control, PLC automatic control system man-machine interface

1.Automatic cartoner machine is suitable for cartooning medicine,,wrapped products.The machine finished running by a series of photo-electro controller to make the machine stability and guarantee the packing quality. It includes 1to 4folds leaflet automatic folding, cantons in suction and open, products and leaflet put into, printing batch number, sealing or option hot-glue device. The machine can be single used or linked with Filling Machine, Shrink Machine, Three Dimensional Packaging Machine to form a production chain.

2.The automatic cartoner machine :

1) International famous brand of electrical component such as PLC touch screen, frequency inverters, etc.

2)Adopt human-machine operation system. Automatically displaying device trouble, operation and maintenance method, boxing speed and finishes products counting.

3)It can adjust multi-specification in the same machinery.

4)Contained with the function of manu-operation and automatical operation.

5)Machine running without pressing if no products or incorrect position of products. And stopping automatically if incorrect position of product into carton after return or no cartons or out of leaflets continuous.

6)Printing the three rows batch number on the pharmaceutical box synchronously.

7)Automatic detection and rejection device for lacking blister goods and leaflets.

8)It can be matched with the hot melt glue machine .

9)It could not suck down the instruction sheet and the empty box if there is non packing product.

10)Arrange bottles automatically . linked with the front and the back packaging machinery.

11)automatic bottle-feeding with anti-rub functions

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Amnesia Custom Story Download Tutorial

Amnesia Custom Story Download Tutorial
This is how you download a Custom Story
Win Rar ;
Mod DB;
I am sorry if it is incomplete my limit to how much you can download ran out, so you archive the file to win rar then extract the folders to The Amneisa Custom Story Folder in redist of the Amneisa game folder then enjoy the story.

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Fitness Planner Setup w/ Stickers

Fitness Planner Setup w/ Stickers
What this video is about: I have set up the Me & My Big Ideas Fitness Planner!

Products Mentioned:

MAMBI Fitness Planner with Sticker Accessory Pack

What I’m Wearing:
Timex Weekender Watch:

*Find Me On*
Pinterest –
Facebook –
Twitter –
Blog –

Filmed with: Canon Rebel

Edited with: iMovie

Music: Royalty Free Music (Apple Inc. and or YouTube Audio Library)

Disclaimer: This video is not sponsored. I purchased the products myself. Please be advised that some links featured maybe affiliate related. Thanks for supporting what I do!

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Portland Vinyl Banner | 503-305-7148 | Vinyl Banners Portland, Oregon

Portland Vinyl Banner | 503-305-7148 | Vinyl Banners Portland, Oregon
Portland Vinyl Banners! Call 1-503-305-7148 for vinyl banners in Portland Oregon. Visit us at:

At Arrowhead Signs we make vinyl banners in Portland for any need you may have. We are easy to work with and have a quick turn around on your vinyl banner needs.

Established business since 1998, after ten years managing a national franchise. Arrowhead Signs operates with over 25 years of experience in the vinyl banner industry. Dedicated to providing a quality selection of custom signs, banners and various trade show displays. Count on us for high quality printing and fantastic prices for your custom sign needs in Portland.

We offer top quality printing for all our banners, signs and trade show displays, so you can expect the very best on the market to display your message.

Arrowhead Signs offers signs, vinyl banners and displays for indoor and outdoor use, trade show environments and retail POP applications, specializing in custom signs in the Portland area.

We are continually adding new products and offering special pricing, so check back with us!

Feel free to call 503-505-7148 for customer assistance with your vinyl banner needs in Portland. We look forward to working with you!

Feel free to share our video about Portland custom signs:

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Game Tutorials | Call Of Duty WAW • How To Get Custom Zombie Maps •

Game Tutorials | Call Of Duty WAW • How To Get Custom Zombie Maps •
Hey Guys Sorry That I Have Been Inactive Alot Lately But I Promise I Will Make It Up To You Guys I Already Have More Videos On The Way Be Prepared For Custom Zombies More Ps3 Trickshot Clips And More….And Why I Have Been Busy I Been Preparing For School Ive Been Trying To Play My Ps3 And More Its Just Too Much So I Decided To Quit Everything Else Expect For Ps3 Epicduel Pc Games Of Course School. And Youtbe Also Make Sure You
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Also If You Need A Free Gfx Channel Art Or Avatar Comment Gfx My Channel DMoDz!
Texture Settings
: High/Or Above
: High/Or Above
:High/Or Above
Cant Be Any Lower Than High
Bullet Impact:On/Or Off
Shadows:On/Or Off
Ragdoll:On/Or Off
The Rest:On/Or Off
Step 1:Goto
Step 2:Goto Map Downloads
Step 3:Choose Any Map You Would Like To Download
Step 4:Scroll Down Untill You See Download In A Orange Color
Step 5:Right Click On The Link And Click Open In New Tab
Step 6:Click I Agree To The Mega Terms Of Service And Click Download
Step 7:Open The Downloaded File In Win-Rar(You Will Need Win-Rar Or You Cannot Do This Download Link For Win-Rar In The Description)
Step 8:Goto Local Disk In My Computer
Step 9:Click Oraganize Then Folder And Search Options Then Click The View Tab Goto “Hidden files and folders” Click The 1 That Says “Show hidden files,folders, and drives Then Click Apply And Ok.
Step 10:Goto Users Then Your User Then AppData Then Local Then Activison CoDWaW.
Step 11: Make A Folder Called mods
Step12: Put The Custom Zombie Map Folder That You Downloaded In There!
Step 13:Go Back To Local Disk
Step 14:Goto Program Files Then Call Of Duty World At War Then CoDWaW Then Make A Folder In There Called mods And Put Your Custom Zombie Maps Folder In There Also!
Step 15:Go Back To Call Of Duty World At War Main Part Of The Folder Then Goto Zone Then Engilsh Then Put Whats Inside The Custom Zombie Maps Folder In There!
Step16:Start Up CoDWaW
Step17:Goto Mods Then Click Which 1 You Want To Play
Step18: If You Game Closes Dont Worry Its Surposed To Do That
Step19:Once Your Game Has Started Back Up You Want To Goto Game Settings And Make Sure You Have The Command Consle Enabled!(`)
Step20:Go Back To Mods Click The Command Consle Button(`)And Then Type In
/map then the map name for example baseball field would be
/map nazi_zombie_bbf Like The Folder Name Or Yotes Lair
/map nazi_zombie_yotes_lair
So I Hoped You Enjoy Like Comment Subscribe Check Out My Facebook And Twitter

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CS:GO Custom Nades and Stickers!

CS:GO Custom Nades and Stickers!
Please keep in mind that this is just a concept inspired by the CS:GO community. Had a lot of fun editing this one!
Thanks for watching! Please don’t forget to rate the video and Subscribe for more! Also you can find me here :
Follow me on Twitter :

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ParcelPedia Shipping and Printing 972-370-5441 – Frisco, TX

ParcelPedia Shipping and Printing 972-370-5441 – Frisco, TX
Hello and welcome to​

Parcelpedia – Banner Printing, Large
Format Printing and Notary Services.

fedex, dhl, and usps shipping.

Mention the “ParcelPedia Priority” and receive off on any FedEx or DHL shipment!

Founded in 1994, ParcelPedia is Frisco’s first and only locally owned and independent mail and parcel center.

ParcelPedia is a full service business center specializing in mail and shipping services. We also offer mailbox rentals, banner & sign printing, graphic design services, copy and print services, faxing, and notary services. Whatever your needs, our knowledgeable and friendly staff can help.

Call NOW! 972-370-5441

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[How To] Install Custom XMB Waves on PSP

[How To] Install Custom XMB Waves on PSP
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*I can not be held liable if you brick your PSP. If for whatever reason your PSP does brick, leave a comment and I will do my best to help you fix it.

*This works on the PSP Slim and Fat, but if you tried it and it worked successfully on the PSP 3000 please leave a comment saying that you tried it and it worked.

*You must have Custom Firmware! This should work on CFW 3.71-M33 and up. I will be using 5.50 GEN-D3


*Before attempting this make a backup of your flash0 folder (I will show you how to do this in the tutorial)

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –


176 XMB Wave Pack.rar:


– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –


1)Download the 176 XMB Wave Pack.rar (Link is above).
*You will need WinRar installed to be able to open and extract the folder inside the file (Link also above).

2) Double click on the .rar file and it will open in WinRar. Drag and drop the “176 XMB Wave Pack” folder onto the desktop.

3) Go into the recovery menu on your PSP
(Hold down the power switch until your PSP turns completely off, then hold R-Trigger and turn on your PSP)

4)Plug in your USB Cable to your PSP with the other end in your computer.

5) On your PSP select “Advanced”, then select “Toggle USB (flash0)”

6) On your computer you will be prompted. Open the folders (flash0 folder) and back up everything!

7) Open the “vsh” folder and then open the “resource” folder.

8) Open the “176 XMB Wave Pack” folder on your desktop.

9) Each sub-folder should include a picture of the xmb wave and a “.rco” file. If the file name is “system_plugin_bg.rco” then it will work. If the file isn’t named that then rename it to that or else it won’t work!

10) Find a XMB Wave that you like. Then drag and drop the .rco file into your PSP’s “resource” folder.
*When it asks you if you want to replace the original folder select “yes”!

11) On your PSP select “Back” and then select “Exit” to exit the Recovery Menu and your PSP will reboot with your new XMB Wave!

12) Customize the colors and themes in the theme settings and have fun!
*I didn’t have time to mention this in the video but if you like the icons of one of your themes then apply that theme. You will notice that your background will change to the theme’s background. Now to put that back to your new XMB Wave just go to the “Background” option in your “Theme Settings” and select classic. You will now have your theme’s icons with your XMB Wave!

13) Subscribe to me, Pr0H4X3r, rate and comment!

Thanks, Peace

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PANINI FIFA Women’s World Cup Canada 2015 Stickers Album Box Break

PANINI FIFA Women’s World Cup Canada 2015 Stickers Album Box Break
►Buy this box online on eBay here
►Buy one on Amazon here
Here is previous video which includes album review
If you want to see me dancing and pulling 5 shiny stickers from 2 packs skip to 25:03

In this video I opened a box of Panini Women’s World Cup 2015 Canada. Each pack has 5 stickers. Box contains 50 packets. Total amount of stickers per box is 250. For more info on this album check our website at

Our site :


Our Facebook :

Our Twitter :

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