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How to add custom folders to the This PC folder (Windows 7 +)

How to add custom folders to the This PC folder (Windows 7 +)
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This PC tweaker-

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【Counter-Strike : Source 】 Skin Pack Special

【Counter-Strike : Source 】 Skin Pack Special
Full Pack :

Alternative links :
Glock :


P228 :

Desert Eagle :

Five Seven :

Dual Elite :

M3 :

XM1014 :

TMP :!SclFhSSI!31IbBW_olHxXbAQzmY4QU_3bfIt_06WqB0ftUFLw5Ds

MAC10 :

MP5 :

UMP45 :

P90 :!fIk1mKSI!7jYRBZMIO3DYPCF5HXD5WKGgqrI_ssnVN1yr_WU9k38

Galil :

Famas :

Scout :

M4A1 :

AK47 :


SG552 :

SG550 :


G3SG1 :

M249 :

Knife :

Glove :

Muzzle Flash :

List of the weapons :
Glock :
P228 :
Desert Eagle :
Five Seven :
Dual Elite :
M3 :
XM1014 :
MAC10 :
MP5 :
UMP45 :
P90 :
Famas :
Galil :
Scout :
M4A1 :
AK47 :
SG552 :
SG550 :
G3SG1 :
M249 :
Knife and Glove :

More information below :

Finally, I can upload Full pack :D
This is special skins pack. Skin pack 4 will come out in 2015. [It’s outed now :] Some skins aren’t from gamebanana (Sorry in the credits)

Don’t know how to install ?
Your Counter-Strike Source directorycstrikecustom (Drag all folders or files into custom folder)
(Make sure you have a latest CSS Version. If you have an older version, You’ll not have custom folder so then buy it on Steam (recommend)
For non-steam [Older version that don’t have custom folder] :
Go into a folder of a skin and select all files materials,sound,scripts and models. Drag all of them into cstrike.

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Buy this Game :
Also,You can change the skin,It’s easily you can do by yourself.Just delete folder of skin you want to delete it.
Ex :
You want to delete glock skin,Just right click on folder name call ”Glock” and then find delete.
Or,Left click on folder you want to delete and then press “del” on your keyboard.
Have fun :D


Did you made their skins?
Nope, I just compiled them all together :P
Then if you’re have any problems. Don’t report to me because i didn’t made it :P

How did you get those skins?
Just find it on google.

What program are you using in this video?
Sony Vegas 13

Why your graphics are amazing?
Set your all graphics to highest. (Depend to your computer too.That mean if your computer are low.Your CSS will crash,slow or Fps (Frame per second) drop.Your game will run fine if fps is 60 or higher)

— This is my graphics settings —

Is that ENB Series?
Nope, I just used effect in Sony Vegas.

Does it work in online?

Also you can suggestion me the skins in the next Skin pack by Add me on Steam or PM me.
Sure, Give you a credit :D

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Disney Frozen Enchanted Moments Sticker Book – Personality Quiz – Elsa & Anna Stickers

Disney Frozen Enchanted Moments Sticker Book – Personality Quiz – Elsa & Anna Stickers
New Frozen sticker album with Frozen Elsa, Anna, Olaf, Kristoff, Hans and Sven. The detail in this sticker book is amazing!! You can also take the personality quiz – who are you most like Elsa or Anna? = )

My other Frozen Sticker Album videos:

Disney Frozen Elsa Stickers 2 Story Album – 15 Sticker Blind Packs

UPDATE | Disney Frozen Elsa Stickers Story Album – 15 More Sticker Blind Packs

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Instagram –
Facebook –
Twitter –

-Awesome Toys TV

⭐️ Click on one of the links below to see another fun Giant Play-Doh surprise Egg or other surprise videos!

GIANT Disney Frozen Fever Play Doh Surprise Egg – BFFs Shopkins Frozen Blind Bag, Chocolate Egg

GIANT Disney Frozen Play Doh Surprise Egg | Shopkins Season 2 Big Hero 6 Funko Pop

Frozen Play Doh Halloween Costume Kristoff as Raphael Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Disney Frozen:

Music by: Kevin MacLeod

YouTube Audio Library

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SquirrelMail: 12/12 How to subscribe to a folder

SquirrelMail: 12/12 How to subscribe to a folder
This SquirrelMail tutorial episode explores how to subscribe to a folder. Some folders, such as Inbox, are automatically subscribed to. Others, such as Sent, or any custom folders, are not automatically subscribed so your mobile device will not sync up with it for any changes.

Subscribing to a folder allows your mobile devices to see what is in these particular folders and see any changes made every time you check it.

To subscribe, click on the “Folders” link from the top menu. You will then be brought to the Folders page where you can see any unsubscribed folders at the bottom.

Click on the box next to any folder you wish to subscribe to and click on the “Subscribe” button.

The selected folders should then appear in the Subscribed list, which is to the left hand side of the screen.

You can learn more about subscribing to folders by checking out our article on the subject:

InMotion Hosting was founded in 2001 and provides personal and business web hosting for everyone! For more information about InMotion Hosting and the services we provide see here:

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Cake Bakery Packaging Boxes Printing service From””

Cake Bakery Packaging Boxes Printing service From””
Cake bakery packaging boxes are an ideal for displaying your bakery items. Our boxes are manufactured from high quality material according to your requirement. For more details please visit the following link:

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